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Unique Ranking

Unique Ranking Information.



Tiger Girl[Titan] 3
Uruchi[Titan] 3
Cerberus[Titan] 3
Captain Ivy[Titan] 3
Isyutaru[Titan] 3
Lord Yarkan[Titan] 3
Demon Shaitan[Titan] 3
Normal Uniques 2
Other Uniques 1

Rewards are delivered at Friday night
1st 3x 15D immortals + Unique Title
2nd 2x 15D Immortal
3rd 1x 15D Immortal
Weekly Refrehsed

Uniques Temple Water New

Top Uniques Rank

Here all points will be shown to players

Rank CharName SOSO[Titan] Uruchi[Titan] Isyutaru[Titan] Lord Yarkan[Titan] Demon Shaitan[Titan] Other Uniques Total points